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Why won’t liquids pump from my Dispenser?

Check to see if the pump is primed.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your pump is primed properly:

  1. Push button in.
  2. While holding the pump button in...
  3. Place your finger over the spout of the pump to block the airflow up into the pump. (This creates a partial vacuum in the pump chamber, when the button is released).
  4. Keep your finger over the spout and release the pump button.
  5. Remove your finger from the spout.
  6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 until you have a continuous flow of liquid. (This may take several cycles, especially when using very thick liquids).
If you have been using the dispenser for a while with no problems, liquid may have coated the inside of pump chamber. Unscrew the pump from the bottle and flush with warm water. Put the pump back on the bottle; be sure to prime the pump again. Dried up liquid may also have hardened inside the pump spout; you may use an opened jumbo sized Paper Clip (50mm) to poke inside and clear out any remaining particles from the Dispenser pump spout.

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