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Summer Fun in the Bathroom: 5 DIY Crafts and Games to Keep Kids Busy

Summer Fun in the Bathroom: 5 DIY Crafts and Games to Keep Kids Busy

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the pressure of keeping our kids entertained during those long, school-free summer days. While summer camps are an obvious solution, paying somebody else to keep an eye on your kiddos comes with a pretty hefty price tag. So, if you’re looking for more affordable options, we’ve got your back—with 5 activities that will transform your bathroom into a hub of creativity, learning, and fun. From fizzy bath bombs to science experiments, these activities will keep your kiddos occupied all summer long — or for a couple of hours, at the very least.


  1. Water Play Sensory Bins: Grab a couple of empty containers (recyclables work great for this) or storage bins to create a sensory wonderland in your family bathroom. Fill up the containers with water, bubbles, small toys, and sponges, so your kids can explore all the different textures and sensations while splashing around. Don’t forget to encourage imaginative play by conducting underwater explorations or embarking on high-sea adventures as pirates!
  2. DIY Goat’s Milk Soap: Technically, this activity takes place in the kitchen, but since it’ll be used in the bathroom, it deserves a place on the list. All you need to get started is a goat’s milk soap base (which can be found on Amazon), a bit of honey, and a soothing essential oil, like lavender. If your kiddos have particularly sensitive skin, you can swap out the essential oils for a bit of oatmeal. 

    First, cut the goat's milk soap base into small cubes, then melt them using a double boiler or microwave. Once melted, enlist your kid’s help to stir in the honey until it's well combined. At this stage, you can add a few drops of essential oils (optional). Pour the mixture into soap molds, allowing it to cool and harden for several hours. Once the soap has solidified, let your kids pop them out of the molds and try them out by showing off their handwashing skills. The best part about this DIY project? You get to decide which ingredients your kiddos are coming into contact with—which is always a win in our book!
  3. Bath Time Science Experiments: Transform your bathroom into a mini laboratory with a fun sink or float experiment. To start, go on a scavenger hunt for different objects (like toys) or fill up a couple of balloons with air and some with water. Before you drop an item in the tub, have your kids predict whether each item will sink or float in the water. Then, let them test their hypotheses by placing the objects in the bathtub and observing what happens.
  4. DIY Bath Bombs: Channel your kids’ pent-up energy into a creative project by turning your bathroom into a bath bomb-making factory. With kid-friendly recipes, colourful ingredients, and fun molds, your kids can create anything from sparkly unicorns to tropical fruits. Not only will they have a blast experimenting with different shapes and scents, but the finished product might even get them excited for bath time—making this summer activity a win for parents and kids alike!
  5. Under the Sea Story Time: Set the stage for an enchanting bedtime story with an underwater-themed setup that can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. If you’re going for extravagant, pick up an underwater night light projector, grab a Bluetooth speaker, and/or your kiddo’s favourite ocean-themed book. If possible, set everything up without them, so that they can experience the awe of walking into their very own under the sea story time adventure!

Whether your kids love science experiments or creative crafts, the bathroom offers endless opportunities for learning and play. Plus, it's easier to clean than other rooms in the house! So, gather your supplies, turn on the taps, and let the summer fun begin!

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